About us

Applied intelligence for legal, tax and business professionals

Who we are

We are a leading global provider of legal and regulatory intelligence. We give organisations the business information and analytics they need to make better, more impactful decisions. We are building powerful new decision tools that use machine learning, natural language processing, visualisation and artificial intelligence that aid and enhance decision making.


What makes us different?

Everything we do is about furthering the Rule of Law. From our products and services, to how we do business, we believe in the fundamental rights of the Rule of Law. We know that when lawyers are at the heart of decision making, better and fairer decisions are made. By making lawyers more effective, we are helping them to create growth and, critically, progress the Rule of Law.

What do we do?

We help lawyers to add more value. We do this by providing inter-connected legal and business content with analytical decision-making tools at the point of need. This is what we call Applied Legal Intelligence.