Inclusion and Diversity

Equality of access and representation within the law is one of our fundamental beliefs

We are committed to a diverse team and an environment that respects all individuals and their contributions.

Our business

We believe that fostering a diverse team that can work in a respectful environment is vital to our long-term success. Everything we do is guided by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and supported by our . Together, these make it clear that we prohibit discrimination in all forms. We prioritise equity at all stages of the employee experience—we recruit, hire, develop, promote and create an environment that empowers all of our people to succeed, regardless of their race, colour, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or any other category protected by law.

Find out more about our global commitment to inclusion and diversity .

Our people — the stats

We are part of RELX, a global family of 33,000 people. 51% of the team are female and 49% male, with an average length of service of 7.59 years. In 2020, there were 43% female and 57% male managers, and 31% female and 69% male senior leaders. Our oldest employee is 84 years old. 25% of our technologists we employ directly are women. At year-end 2020, women made up 45% of the RELX Board.

Our vision and commitments

We will operate effortlessly as an inclusive organisation which is free from bias and discrimination, representative of the communities we serve, and which celebrates the voices and perspectives of our diverse people.

To achieve this vision, we have made three commitments—each supported by detailed metrics and action plans:

  1. We commit to being an organisation which proactively challenges prejudice and bias and where individuals feel comfortable and supported in challenging unacceptable behaviour should it occur

  2. We commit to ensuring diverse employee representation throughout the organisation and employee lifecycle, thereby reducing gaps in average pay

  3. We commit to advancing awareness, engagement and advocacy, to shifting mindsets on key diversity issues internally and externally within our means and sphere of influence

Progressing inclusion and diversity

A truly impactful inclusion and diversity strategy can only be successful when it is jointly owned and delivered by the whole organisation. We are aided in this through a thriving community of Employee Resource Groups. These groups deliver strategies and activities that further and enhance inclusion priorities.



The Families@LNUK vision is to bring together and support anyone with an interest in family no matter what their perspective.

This group kicked into a higher gear during the pandemic. They partnered with our Thrive Wellbeing team to run an ongoing campaign sharing news, information, guidance, and stories from colleagues. This collaboration with Thrive also resulted in informative webinars on topics such as Children’s Mental Health, Menopause and Endometriosis. Another highlight was their annual Reverse Advent activity, delivered virtually in 2020.

LNUK Pride Group

LNUK Pride Group

The LNUK Pride Group’s aim is to promote equality, inclusivity and understanding in respect of LGBT+ people at LNUK, and make LNUK a better and more attractive place for LGBT+ people.

This group loves a good reading and film list, and they shared resources to help broaden our perspectives and to mark LBGT History Month, Pride Month and World Aids Day. They also partnered with PDT Global to deliver an engaging workshop to educate colleagues on ‘The T in LGBT’, to mark the International Trans Day of Visibility.

GEM (Gender Equality Matters)

GEM (Gender Equality Matters)

GEM (Gender Equality Matters)’s aim is to explore, understand and promote gender equality across UUֱ UK.

During 2020 the group celebrated International Women’s Day with an ‘Each for Equal’ photo campaign that had colleagues from across the business sharing their commitment to gender equality. The group have run an annual survey exploring the barriers and enablers to female progression within our organisation. In 2019/20 the survey helped us focus our activities and yielded several impactful initiatives including the beginning of a partnership with our recruitment team to develop materials and communications that help clarify paths to promotion across our business.

LNUK International Group

International Group

The International Group’s mission is as simple as it is aspirational: to bring together people from various backgrounds to share, promote and understand diverse experiences.

This group owns and delivers a regular Cultural Awareness workshop, and during 2020, offers a series of language taster sessions, giving colleagues an opportunity to see the world from other perspectives.

Race Equality at UUֱ (REAL)

Race Equality at UUֱ (REAL)

Through thought leadership, strategic change, and engaging events, Race Equality at UUֱ (REAL) aims to drive an inclusive culture across our organisation.

This group launched in 2020 in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the succeeding global focus on systemic racism. Since then the group have launched a series of ‘REAL Talks’ on topics such as Cultural appropriation, Racism and mental health, and Bias in the legal system. These discussion events sat alongside a rich schedule of informative emails and fascinating events for Black History Month.

LNUK Enabled

LNUK Enabled

LNUK Enabled was established to be a force for positive change for people living with disabilities at LNUK.

Also launched in 2020, LNUK Enabled is partnering with HR colleagues to improve our Disability Confidence, as well as increase awareness and understanding of issues faced by disabled people at work. As part of a global group, they have already delivered some thought-provoking webinars, including an inaugural event at which Lord Chris Holmes shared his perspectives on inclusion by design and held a Q&A with staff.


We track and report as much as possible so we can drive improvements. Our latest Gender Pay gap report can be found here.