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Our dedicated team of global correspondents provide up-to-the-minute coverage of the legal news that matter most to you, so you can remain an expert in your field.


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What our clients say

“I start my practice every day with Law360. Reading the publications early in the morning gets me ready for my day and my clients.”

Martin J. Bishop
Partner, Reed Smith

“I look forward to reviewing Law360 every morning as the most comprehensive, concise, and insightful source of news on current legal developments and on the legal profession.”

Paul Roeder
Deputy General Counsel, Litigation and Brand Security, Hewlett-Packard

“Each morning, I have to decide whether to first have my Starbucks or read Law360 — usually Law360 wins out. It's an essential part of my daily routine.”

Sara A. Begley
Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

“Law360 is the legal equivalent of a stock ticker. It is the first email I open every morning and I check it for updates throughout the day. If I could only have one resource to maintain my professional acuity, Law360 would be it.”

Kevin Covert
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Honeywell

Introducing Law360 UK

Law360 UK offers fast, complete news and analysis on UK and European Union policy and litigation developments and trends, so you can remain an expert, avoid risk, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Use Law360?

Cut research time

Quickly and easily monitor ongoing matters or research similar cases. Stay on top of legal precedent and practice areas that matter to you.

Maintain your expertise

Get fast, comprehensive news and analysis on legal developments and trends. Keep pace with the fast-changing legal landscape and provide critical guidance.

Easily monitor legal news

Set up daily and real-time email alerts on news, cases and organisations, providing an easy way to share knowledge and highlight valuable insights.

Stay ahead of change

Learn about potential industry changes and competitor initiatives as early as possible so you can build a plan to steer clear or minimise exposure.

Interpret news with certainty

Expert analysis offers commentary from leading law firm practitioners, in-house counsel, academics and other renowned legal experts from around the world.

Written for the legal market

Covering events from a legal viewpoint, our content always covers a broader array of litigation and policy issues faster and more comprehensively than broadsheet papers.

Same day analysis

Our team of journalists provide same day analysis and commentary on significant developments.

Know the movers and shakers of the legal world

Coverage of the main influencers of legal world, helping you to understand profiles, rankings and job listings.

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