What is Lexis Create?

Most lawyers dream of a better work-life balance, yet the inefficiencies of everyday legal workflows often prevent this from ever becoming a reality. None perhaps more so than repetitive, non-billable tasks such as legal drafting.

Lexis Create for Office 365 provides unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and content for optimum document creation. A tool within the Microsoft environment, it pulls together everything you need to draft brilliant legal documents, faster.

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Iain Larkins

“Lexis Create has identified contract issues that may have otherwise been missed. It provides a valuable AI check across contracts and helps to ensure we are providing the best quality end product to our clients.”

Iain Larkins, Director, Radius Law

How to draft fast with Lexis Create

See this in action using a document of your choice:

There are more features to be unlocked using Lexis Create. Request a demo to see how it works in full.

Don't just take our word for it...

We spoke to Jayne Gorman, an Internal Auditor and Legal Associate at ArvatoConnect, whose role primarily involves checking third party contracts, to find out how Lexis Create helps save her up to nine days of work each month.

“In an average month... it’s probably saving me about eight or nine days of work at least.”

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Why use Lexis Create?

Build. Check. Complete.
Welcome to the painless world of legal drafting.

Draft with the UK’s largest database of global legal information, including relevant practical guidance.

Reuse clauses that have been created and validated by yourself and your colleagues in one click.

Mitigate risk by using the integrated calculators, formatting fixers and proofreading checks.

Efficiently remove the risk of displaying personal or confidential information with the redaction tool.

Validate your citations against our legal database, ensuring you are always using the most up‐to‐date law.

Easily delegate different parts of legal document creation to team members to complete.

Spend less time switching between platforms – everything you need is pulled into your Microsoft environment.

Ensure your team are supported every step of the way with our 24/7 customer service team.

“Lexis Create’s drafting assistance features and library of clauses and precedents have saved me countless hours. The cross checking tool is invaluable to avoiding drafting errors, typos and incorrect clause referencing.”

Jacqueline Judson, Solicitor
Peel Waters

“Technology is so important in ensuring we can deliver what our clients truly value and we've been impressed with the partnership approach from UUֱ.”

Eleanor Windsor, Head of Knowledge Management
Irwin Mitchell

“Lexis Create helped me with my negotiation skills, ultimately boosting my self-confidence. Lexis Create gives me the backing that what I'm saying is correct, enhancing my abilities and providing me with the skills and experience I need to negotiate effectively.”

Jayne Gorman, Internal Auditor and Legal Associate

“Lexis Create has proved to be an efficient and easy to use drafting tool. The ‘Check’ tool has really streamlined our drafting process.”

Jack Davies, Conveyancing Technician
Peel Waters

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