Comprehensive news monitoring across your business with UUֱ Newsdesk

UUֱ Newsdesk aggregates premium licensed and open web content to bring you the latest news and current awareness for curation and distribution. It's the only premium and online news monitoring service you need for tracking information about your clients, sectors and competitors.

Find the news you want quickly

Find relevant news articles across an unmatched global content collection of 20,000+ premium licensed sources. Create personalised searches and alerts to track topics of interest in near-real-time.

Stay in the know

UUֱ Newsdesk provides current awareness searches with more than 2,500 new links added every minute, making it easy to spot and respond to breaking news and emerging trends.

Share current awareness where it's needed most

Easily share copyright-compliant news and current awareness with colleagues using customisable distribution tools such as email newsletters and RSS feeds.

Your trusted source of business intelligence

Support business development by researching new clients and increasing your knowledge about the sectors you operate in, and the competitors you're up against.

Monitor trends, identify insights

Use UUֱ Newsdesk's sophisticated built-in analytics for reputation monitoring, sentiment analysis, share of voice tracking, geo-coverage mapping, custom analysis and more.

Visualise the data

Turn complex data into easy-to-digest charts and graphs and integrate them with company portals, intranets and CRM systems to provide actionable insights and enhance collaboration.

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20,000+ premium news sources





* Newspapers, broadcast news, legal updates, websites; plus social media, blogs and other forums

Unmatched content for user curation

Extensive information sources provide comprehensive content for in-house curation and distribution.

“We have found UUֱ Newsdesk a valuable resource that delivers timely and actionable information. The tool provides our business development and client service teams greater insight and alerts us to breaking news stories and emerging trends in the sectors where we operate.”

Garrick Munday, Sector Manager, Womble Bond Dickinson
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