What is Nexis Uni?

A simple, fast and personalised research solution.

A 40‐year archive of more than 40,000 curated news legal and business sources. Nexis Uni strategically collates trusted premium and web news, company profiles, legal content and industry information. Data is standardised and indexed for ease and speed.

Why use Nexis Uni?

Smarter Research

Widen research

Quickly interrogate business, legal, patent and journalistic sources to help you find new and different angles when completing assignments or preparing academic research.

Read the full story

Read beyond paywalls on sources selected by our editors for relevancy and authority. Much of our content gives you access to full‐text documents, not just links, summaries or abstracts.

Find and compare data with ease

Eliminate time wasted digging through irrelevant results with advanced search, indexing and filtering that get you precisely the information you need — visually presented.

Accurate Research

Stay on top of critical news

Personalise results and get the story behind the hashtag for topics that interest you. Search general media, company, financial, and industry information to get the full picture.

History is no defence

Review 40+ years of archived data — including content that is no longer publicly available on the open web — to uncover historical insights and context.

Cite with confidence

Our content comes directly from the publisher, ensuring editorial integrity and source accuracy. Editorial staff standardise, index and archive content so it is easy to use in assignments.

The Nexis Uni Difference

Bring an edge to your academic work.

More content

In addition to news and select social media sources, you get access to 80 million companies from more than 1,000 industry sources and 75 million biographical sources. With vital regulatory, legal, and public records content — Nexis Uni is unique.


Enhance learning and research with shared workspaces. These allow students to work collaboratively on projects and for faculty to collate relevant materials.

Language doesn’t matter

Translate your results from any of our 57 supported languages, giving you greater access to critical international news, company and industry insights.

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