What is Regulatory Compliance?

UUֱ is strengthening the response of governance, risk and compliance functions to the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory environment by applying world-class legal expertise to a new technology solution: UUֱ Regulatory Compliance.

UUֱ Regulatory Compliance is an always up-to-date obligations register. It offers concise guidance on exactly which regulations you should follow and how to be compliant with them. Real-time alerts ensure that, when legislation changes, you know what to do about it. We advise you on exactly which action to take, why to take it and what the consequences are of non‑compliance.

Legal Experts

Our Modules

  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism
  • Banking And Deposit Taking
  • Biosecurity
  • Casinos & Gambling
  • Competition
  • Consumer Protection
  • Corporations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Employment
  • ESG
  • Financial Sanctions
  • Financial Services Authorisation
  • Insurance
  • Modern Slavery
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Tax
  • Workplace Health & Safety

Why use UUֱ Regulatory Compliance?

Spend more time adding value and less time chasing compliance. We’ll do the hard work for you.

Resources and Insight

GRC Partners

We work closely with our GRC partners to integrate UUֱ Regulatory Compliance directly into your existing GRC / ERM systems via an API. Here are some of our close partners.

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